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Wondering What A Health & Wellness Coach Is?

As A Coach I Promise:

I will listen with full presence to the client's concerns and hopes in a safe, supportive environment (e.g. in person, by phone, or via video conferencing) to increase trust and self-exploration of health and wellness goals.

I will respect the client as the authority for her/his own health and wellbeing.

I will support the client's inner wisdom, intuition, and innate ability to determine the next steps in her/his process for best possible outcomes.

I will involve the client in formulating SMART goals (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-lined) in her/his action plan.

I will obtain the client's consent to coach in vulnerable areas and will maintain confidentiality.

With permission, I will offer guidance and health education for specific health concerns and/or conditions (acute/chronic), nutrition, exercise, stress-management, and other areas related to overall lifestyle health and well being.

I will recommend other healthcare professionals when I feel issues are outside my scope of practice and experience.

I will be punctual and keep scheduled appointments.

As the Client I promise:

I am aware that the key to my wellbeing is me.

I am ready to make changes and to sustain change for increasing my health and wellbeing.

I will commit to assessing my readiness for change and create an action plan towards my goals

I will explore new ideas, behaviors, and actions that may involve risk-taking and fear of failure and/or fear of success.

I will take responsibility for learning new lifestyle behaviors.

I will be open and honest so that I can access my deeper wisdom and become more self-aware.

I will integrate self-reflection and self-care practices each day.

I will explore obstacles towards my goals and notice my unique responses to these challenges.

I will be punctual and keep scheduled appointments.

A chronic pain life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results with goals you set.  Specific benefits will be gained in areas such as physical, emotional, spiritual, social, career, hobbies, and opportunities.


­Our one hour phone and/or video conferencing coaching sessions will be a creative thought provoking process to find maximum satisfaction, growth, and health while living with chronic pain.


Within each session we will connect and explore, set goals, and co-create actionable plans to reach set goals.

Don’t wait! Find real-life solutions, skills, and tools to live the best well life.

Contact My Pain Coach, LLC to see if we can help you create a life loved in the midst of living with chronic pain. 


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